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Audience analysis

Get detailed information about your followers
Instagram audience analysis
General audience data- get average, daily and maximum follower growth
Instagram account subscriber
Growth- visually see the daily growth of your new followers. Determine the number of subscribed and unsubscribed users
Followers by gender
Gender of followers- discover the percentage of men and women following your profile
Subscribers and bots
Number of bots- determine how many bots are following your account
Follower Geography
Follower map- find out the geographic distribution of your followers
Account reach and privacy
Reach and Privacy- find out the size of the audience that most likely will see your posts and determine the percentage of followers with public or private profiles
Top users and account trends
Trends and top account posts- discover the preferences and interests of your followers. Find out who your top new and recently departed followers are.

Follower engagement

Track your audience's reaction to your content
Likes and comments
General involvement data- find out the total number of likes and comments received on your profile and the average of one post
Statistics of received likes
Comment and like dynamics- track the daily involvement of likes and comments received
Involvement and hashtags
Hashtag analytics- discover which hashtags bring the engagement to your posts and identify the frequently used hashtags of your account
Best posts on the account
Top photo by comments and likes- Find out the most popular posts of your account by the amount of comments and likes received

Content optimization

Determine the best time to post
Best Time for publication
General activity data- discover the time and hour when your followers are most active
User activity
Activity by hours and days of the week- determine the most active days and hours for planning publications
Activity map for subscribers
Subscriber activity map- determine the time of maximum involvement based on follower activity
Popularity of account posts
Popularity of posts depending on time- track the periods of time when your posts generate the largest amount of interaction.