Instagram audience analysis

Instagram audience analysis

Total number of followers of the Instagram account:

The metric of “total subscribers” depicts how many users are following the analyzed instagram account. These statistics can be selected to display a specific interval of time. Next to the total number of subscribers there are percentages displayed. These percentages show how the number of followers have increased or decreased over the selected period of time. If over the past 2 weeks statistics show a decrease in percentage, perhaps the recently posted publications have not interested your audience.

Changing the number of subscribers of the Instagram account:

Using the “changing subscribers” indicator, you can track the dynamics of your daily and total subscriptions. Our service updates this data every hour so you can track the changes in real time. You can use this information to conduct content testing and develop an effective strategy for your Instagram account. For example: You decide to publish an untraditional photo. Statistics could show a decrease in your followers. On the contrary, if you decide to publish a photo associated with a current trend, statistics should show an increase in your follower subscriptions.

 Maximum change in the number of followers on the Instagram account:

The “Maximum change per day” metric allow you to select a certain timeframe and view what day you gained and lost the most followers. Why is this useful? You can analyze what could have possibly contributed to these changes. By knowing what day you gained the most followers you can narrow down what post or hashtags could have caused such an influx of followers. Controlling these statistics will help you optimize your content plan and accelerate your audience growth.

 The daily average of the changing number of subscribers on your account:

The “average growth per day” statistic shows the average daily growth rate of the number of subscribers on your Instagram profile. Base on this indicator, you can see how rapidly your account is expanding.

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