Involvement and hashtags

Hashtag involvement and audience activity:

Hashtags are an excellent tool if you wish to promote your profile. The use of hashtags makes it possible to increase the visibility of an accounts publications. This translates into an increase in likes, comments and even followers. However, not every hashtag brings involvement. The “hashtag involvement” metric helps you evaluate the effectiveness of the hashtags used on the account. With the help of this function you can determine the top 20 hashtags that brought the most engagement. This data is calculated based on several user activity indicators. 

For branded accounts, special promotional and thematic tags are often used. With this metric you can analyze coverage and distribution for a particular campaign. In addition you can determine the strength of the brand by the amount of involvement that the company’s brand tag received. Test and analyze your competitor hashtag’s as well as your own. Use the hashtags that indicate the greatest engagement and you should see your accounts engagement grow as well.

Analysis of hashtag use:

This metric shows which hashtags are most commonly used on the analyzed account. Hashtags increase the chances that Instagram users will see your published content and potential subscribe to the account. Using this metric in correspondence with the “hashtag involvement”, you should be able to determine which hashtags should bring the most user involvement and increase your overall engagement. You can also conduct experiments with different hashtags to test their effectiveness.

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