Likes and comments

Total number of likes and comments:

The indicator “All likes” lets you know the total amount of likes that your Instagram account has received on all of your posts. This data will help you assess the overall popularity of the analyzed account. “Total comments” shows the total number of comments that were left by users for the entire period of the profile maintenance. This function gives you an idea of user activity and their openness to communication

Instagram account Like statistics:

The “likes per post” metric displays the average number of likes on 1 post for the entire existence of the account. With this indicator, you can assess how popular the account and its posts are.

Instagram account Comment statistics:

This metric “comments per post” will show you how many comments are left on average under one post. This will help you in assessing the activity of the accounts audience. The more interesting the publication, the more “live” reactions you will receive from subscribers. You can analyze your content and draw conclusions to see if the accounts posts are generating enough interest for users to leave comments.

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