Statistics of received likes

Statistics of received likes for the selected period of time:

The graph of “Received likes” will clearly demonstrate the daily activity of your followers for the selected timeframe. By tracking this data you will be able to assess which posts contributed to the growth of likes and which ones performed poorly. The graph shows the daily number of likes that users put on the accounts published posts. After analyzing this data, you can conduct testing using different content to evaluate user behavior. Do not forget that you can analyze your competitors daily like activity as well and compare it with your profile.

Statistics of comments left for the selected period of time:

The “left comments” metric allows you to see the daily involvement of users that left comments under your posts. You will be able to clearly see which of your posts created the greatest interest. The graph allows you to monitor the changing dynamics in regards to comments left by users on your posts. This metric allows you to pinpoint which topics are popular amongst your users.

Using the two metrics described above, you will be able to calculate your engagement rate. This reflects the real interest of the accounts followers in relation to the content being posted. In other words, you will be able to assess the quality and effectiveness of maintaining your profile.

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