Subscribers and bots

Metric displaying how many bots are following the Instagram account:

Instagram’s increased popularity has caused the rise fake accounts also known as “bots”. Today it is hard to find an account that does not have bots following them. Thanks to 10 different analytical metrics, our service can determine how many bots are following your instagram account. It is important to note that bots are not only accounts who continuously advertising, asking to follow links, subscribe to pages without any pictures etc. There are also hacked pages of real users which perform automatic tasks and are used as tools. This metric shows what percentage of your followers do not bring any positive activity and are most likely fake or hacked accounts. Also this information could prove useful to those who would like to order advertising and have already decided on the placement page. Using this metric you will be able to see if your funds will be spent idly since bots do not bring your account any activity. A similar check can also be done to your competitor accounts.

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