Top users and account trends

Interesting or trending Instagram account:

In this section you will see what topics interests your followers. Want to begin advertising, but not sure where to begin? Do you have an account dedicated to your city and want to increase the activity of your followers? Well, thanks to the “Account trends” metric, you can analyze the interests of your followers and build content targeting their interests. Publish posts to create engagement with your followers but do not forget about attracting new users! Additionally you can also analyze your competitor profiles to help you evaluate their audience as well as your own. Using this information you can maximize the effectiveness and reach of your account.

Top subscribed and unsubscribed Instagram users:

Here you can see the most popular users who are currently following you or once followed you. Perhaps you have some relatively well-known followers whom you could potentially collaborate with to further expand your Instagram account. Although it is unfortunate to lose followers, at least while using Picalytics you can see exactly who has unfollowed you.

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