User activity

Activity statistics of the audience by days of the week

This metric allows you to visualize data pertaining to the activity of your followers on the days of the week. This indicator is calculated as a percentage for the entire analyzed period. This graph allows you to study each of the days in detail and accordingly plan your posts for future weeks. Is there a day that clearly stands out by lacking involvement? Choose attractive content that is trending and publish it on that day to see if you can increase that day’s activity. If you analyzed a competitor's account, the same type of statistics will be visible. Look at what day your competitor’s followers are most active and try posting your content at that time in an attempt to attract some of their followers to your account as well.

Audience activity based on the time of day

This graph shows user activity at different time of the day. You can adjust to publish your posts under this particular indicator to maximize the involvement your posts receive during the first few hours after publication. It is also very important not to forget about your hashtag usage. In the first few minutes you can attract new users not yet subscribed to you but might like your post and potentially even subscribe. Once again you have access to similar statistical data pertaining to your competitor account’s. You can find out when their audience exhibits the most activity and potentially intersect them by posting during their active hours.

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